Motorola, which hasn’t had a hit product since the Razr, and got royally screwed by Apple on the Rockr, is going for a last gasp strategy by embracing unproven Google’s Android OS. The company is short on options and desperately needs to catch up in the Smartphone market. New CEO Sanjay Jha has decided to eliminate 3 phone platforms and the thousands of engineers working on them, replacing them with a new staff of approx. 350 focused on the Android and a new ‘social networking phone’. WTF? Sounds like a failed strategy and a f-cked company to me.

This is a no-lose proposition for CEO Jha – even if he fails, the company agrees to pay him $30M! Hey Motorola, I can drive your company to the ground for 1/3 of the price!

The company has not been profitable since 2006 - they have lost an average of $12 per phone for each of 28 millions phone sold last quarter.

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